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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too Many Adjectives

Too many adjectives
are a sign of lies,
and extreme self serving diatribe
hahaha see what I mean?

Some people think that adjectives make a statement true.
Some people think that repeating the same thing over and over makes it true.
Some people think that words are merely tools,
created to serve ones own interest.

I have come to learn that words are just words
Even when people say their word is their bond...
Those too, are just words,
tactics, tools to convince.

There are very few people whose words can be trusted,
whose words are actually true.

Your job, should you chose to accept,
will be to try to decifer the words
to find out what they really mean
If you prefer
you can live in a fantasy
filled with technicolor adjectives
and self serving motivations


  1. I dont think thats right. I think people shouldn't police what other people say. They could spend their whole life doing that and still be wrong about them also being a policeman makes someone cynical and who wants to be that person???? I think you have to take everyones words for what they are and just know that they are just words.

    [bold]Not everyone that seems all good is all good and not everyone that seems all bad is all bad.[/bold] So when you hear words just remember that and then you won't have to change your beliefs or actions at all for no one. Thats what i think and i am the same with nice people and mingers alike.

    Why should you have to contort yourself to fit every situation that you come across??? I dont, if i give something then its not dependent on if there a nice person or not, liar, fantasy world, genuine....whats that alll about anyway?? Give it or dont give it, there is still a person there no matter what conclusions you draw about them and love is just love.

    The person who is naieve and doesnt live with the [bold] information in there head all the time is FOOLISH and whatever comes upon them they deserved.

    Give love withold love it makes no difference apart from to the person thats choosing. Everyone else just goes on about there day.


  2. Personally I think if you have to decipher what people are saying? It's cause they don't really want you to know what they are saying. I learned that in accounting when reading Footnotes in financial statements. Cause if an accountant puts an explanation for a financial transaction which doesn't clearly explain it? It's cause they are hiding something. Plain and simple.

    1. You and I must read the same blogs...hahaha


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