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Friday, February 17, 2012

Niijii - Friend

"Niijii Friend" Copyright don wright 2012

Niijii loves to sit on my head and talk
Niijii is my friend
HaHa maybe I should have called him Woodstock?


  1. Wonderful work and nicely channeled. You are clearly taking polaroid shots of your universe from inside out.

    I'm very proud of you. This may teach others the creative value of a doodle.

  2. Doodle my arse! Us non-creative types can't cope with all this inner self expression. So i thought you had another log for the art luver luver people??? Huh???


    1. "Us non-creative types"????? When did you lose your creativity? I have seen your doodles, I have seen your art and you played the guitar the first time you touched it. You are creatively gifted.

  3. jeesh...its me and my budgie. I love my budgie. I think tomorrow we will get him a mate. A sleek beauty just pulled into to Sturgeon and she awaits him. HHhhhm maybe my next self indulgent self expression will have 2 budgies...and then 4...Thats it..I could do a whole series on multiplying budgies

  4. I had a 'wrath of Mrs W' nightmare the other night haha... okay its your blog. Express what you like >.< however many budgies you get. Just please give them sensible name uh?? Lawl



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