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Monday, September 19, 2011

Changing of the Seasons Ceremony 2011 Lake Obabika

Tents were lined up along the beach at Alex's place

Canoes were lined up at the Ceremony site

Alex beat the drum while the Sweetgrass was passed

People listened intently as Alex spoke and as the Eagle Feather was passed

Potluck buffet after the ceremony..nothing like a meal together!

Pierre admiring the Three Sisters

Debbie Treehugging

Spirit Rock Lake - A place of vision quest

The 4 travellers

Early morning mist rising from Lake Obabika

Deb paddling

Plans are ever evolving. We had planned to go in by ATV with our canoe racks. Pierre broke a rib and it didnt look like he would be able to take the ride. We got a call from Alex's daughter looking for a ride..so..plans evolved. We ended up just driving in by pickup truck. We brought paddles and life jackets  with us and borrowed a couple of canoes from Alex. 

There were about 60 people this year and the event was a great success. Pierre admitted that the experience brought tears to his eyes. He was almost embarrassed as he told us. Truth is, the first time I saw the sisters I cried too. There is something very cleansing about tears of gratitude,love and respect. As the Eagle feather was passed, we heard countless stories and expressions of gratitude and love. This little stand of Old Growth is sandwiched amongst some pretty intense logging. When Alex was a child, there was no such thing as the term "Old Growth" because it was all old growth. Now, we are down to our last few stands. Now we get to look at what we have done and what we have accomplished. We should reflect.

My personal belief is that there should be no more logging of Old Growth forest. We have already been poor stewards of our land by not even leaving a piddly 10% for our future generations. Shame on us. And now we stand poised to take more. The thought of this last reserve being sent of to China or the United States to make toothpicks makes me sick.

As I looked at all the people around me and recounted their stories, I cant help but feel a social responsibility. I must do my part to help protect what little we have left. Many of these people sat on picket lines, chained themselves to trees, formed human barriers across logging roads and much more. Many of these people were arrested for their desire to protect...The end result? A small portion of the forest was preserved. The protesters were right. The criminal records are a sham and just go to prove how important protest is in a peaceful democracy. Perhaps some day, I too will be called to make this sacrifice. When I get the call....I will respond..........

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