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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Grand Celebration of Gods Creation

"For the Grand Celebration of Gods Creation" copyright don wright 2011

I have been collecting special pieces of driftwood during my travels in the bush. I have dozens of unique pieces, and each one tells a story to me. I look at the grains and the knots and I begin to see likeness and life force. Sure this is just a piece of wood...but who knows how old it is? Who knows how long it swirled in that eddy. Who knows how many rocks and other pieces it brushed against. Who knows how tall it once stood, or how long it lived. Who knows how many animals sought refuge under its canopy. Who knows how many birds built nests in that tree. Who knows where it stood and the beauty it beholded?

So the question is why am I now going to explore and marvel, create and paint on each and every one of these little pieces of driftwood? To what end?.......For what purpose?

The answer is simple. For the grand celebration! I want to accentuate the natural beauty and lines and force of each piece of driftwood, so that I may join in the praises of creation and ultimately the creator. There is so much natural beauty around us, I want these little pieces of art to stand as little testaments to the wondrous glory and inherent beauty of the natural world. I want to help create whimsical and childlike joy, while paying tribute to the sacredness and beauty of Gods provisions for us.

A few hundred years ago, 
a blessed seed did sprout 
and from that seed 
grew a magnificent tree.

 That tree gave  sustenance 
to birds and animals 
and insects and plants 
and provided the very air we breath. 

That tree eventually died,
 as all do,
 and lay transforming
on the side of that river.

One spring thaw,
 life giving water washed that tree into the river,
 where it began its decent
 and continued transformation.

 A small piece broke off, 
 around and around in a circle, 
it was molded to perfection 
to tell the story, 
to reveal the glory. 

It was specially selected, 
by a wandering soul, 
who finds pleasure in the magnificence of creation, 
who finds wonder in the very grains of wood,
and who knows the promise
and power of transformation. 

It was painted,
dolled up for the party....
for the Grand Celebration 
of Gods creation.

To the One who has all knowledge,
power and wisdom
to You be the glory 
forever and ever

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