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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tweet That Shit

I just made an amazing curry pumpkin soup. If I was on twitter, I'd tweet it. I'm not. I am on Facebook, but I already know none of them give a rats ass about my soup...I've tried. Even here on my blogspot, I get some guff when I post pictures of veggies and meals.

I have to share this somewhere! I will share it with Sue tonight when she gets home from work. I will share it with Pete because he just spent the day working in the snow, and I will share it with you, my ascended readership.

Here is todays Curry Pumpkin recipe....
a bunch of water in a soup pot
a bunch of herbs and spices from the top shelf
small onion and shallots cut up fine
one bag of Sues frozen garden beans cut up small
one left over fish cake cut into small pieces
glug glug of soya sauce
one bag of Sues frozen cinderella pumpkin puree
dash, dash, dash of curry
one can of coconut milk, not the oily or hard one but the one that shakes nice
dash dash of cummin
grind grind grind grind of sea salt
left over cabbage from night before last cut small
simmer on low and serve whenever one feels a little peckish

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