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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It Upsets Me When......

"it upsets me when our religious symbols are used to divide people" copyright don wright 2011

My wife was a little dissappointed because she thought the "heart face" was angry. Well the heart face is angry. Well perhaps anger isnt the word....perhaps upset or dissappointed....NO, actually anger is the word. I get angry about it. I get angry at how we can use blessings of love and peace against others. Love and Peace get intermingled with personal selfishness and gain and the next thing you know Love becomes a stick and a tool. The wonderful cross gets used to gouge peoples eyes out. The rainbow becomes a noose by which to hang people. The challace gets used to drown people and the fish? That gets used in fish slapping.

I just got off the phone with my first girlfriend. Her father just passed away. She was re-counting the fact that they never went to church for a few years. The reason? People in the congregation didnt want to listen to the "zoo". Last week her brother brought his young one to the service and then had to live with the noise complaint. People piss me off. I want to hug that child and hold him up. Listen to the cry...its the cry of life. Listen to the chatter..its the chatter of meaningful existence. Listen to the noise because when the noise falls silent..its all over. You say you want children to have faith, yet you dont want to see or hear the child. Suck it up.

When you hear a child cry, your heart and soul must nurture. When you hear a child laugh, your heart and soul must rejoice. When you hear a child you must look to the creator in thanksgiving and love and then scoop that little gaffer up and hug as if all humanity depends on it. If you dare say to me..shut that kid up...then  I will know your heart has gone cold and this church thing is just a club to you. Shame. Go ahead and enjoy those empty blessings in reverence and feel the darkness set into your soul. Go ahead...keep the club..I dont want it and I dont need it. Perhaps our children are safer without these weapons?

Turn your heart to love and the creators intent. Catch the spirit and live. These symbols were meant as reminders, not weapons.


  1. They're not all symbols. Some of them are sacraments like the Eucharist for example. If you can bring damnation on yourself from taking it wrongly then taking it correctly brings you life because of what it is. We shouldn't reject the symbols, the club or the sacraments just because people use them wrongly to hurt each other and bring division.

    Fuckwads will be fuckwads in church because they are fuckwads outside church as well just because they are fuckwads and will always be that whatever their fucky little hands touch they will spoil it. They will make all that is holy, all fucked up.

    The invisible church should be very visible too because it's a light to the world corporately as well as individually.



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