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Friday, October 19, 2012


"Friendship" copyright don wright 2012

I value friendship and I often consider what that means to me.

If you were asked to draw a drawing or paint a painting depicting "Friendship", what would you do? How would you portray that feeling, that virtue, that...thing?

Friendship is fueled by two or more willing souls and powered by spirit. Where there is friendship, there is love. I choose to think of friendship as a joyous thing. Granted, I have friends who dont share my vision of friendship, and while my love inside for them remains, I still refuse to call them mere acquaintances. So then, is it possible for friendship to be one sided?hhhhmmm that seams silly, yet darn it, I believe once a friend always a friend.

Friendship is like music. It is like a ray of hope and sunshine. Friendship can be felt deep inside, and can become undying and unconditional. What would you do for a friend? I rekon thats where the rubber hits the road. That is where you define what friendship means to you.

Jesus said that there is no greater love than one giving ones life for a friend. So is it the love or the friendship? Or is it that love is manifested through friendship. Interesting. If I have no or little capacity to love,  then I wonder how successful I would be with friendship. What if I didnt love myself? Could I love someone else? Of course, I am assuming that without love, there can be no friendship. Perhaps one needs to define friendship.

I have 182 friends on facebook. One of my friends has over 1000! Wait, I'll check. Oh look at that. I have been unfriended! So there you have it.

Wanna know what friendship means to you? Think about it and maybe draw a drawing or paint a painting, or write a song, or be there when they are down.

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