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Monday, December 03, 2012

praying for Cindy

"praying for Cindy" don wright 2012

My friend Cindy has been undergoing chemo therapy and reached the point where the pain and effects became unbearable. She asked for all her friends to pray for her. She felt that her strength was not enough. All her friends have been praying and I made this prayer doodle to focus my own prayer. 
I call upon the Father, the Son and the Great Holy Spirit. I lay my hands on Cindy and pray. She is anointed with flowers and the fragrance is comforting. The flowers flow over her head and her beauty shines. Her husband and life companion sits by her side. He is powerful yet feels powerless. I pray for complete restoration of body. I pray for Pete as he stands by Cindy. I pray that our voices together will bring comfort and feed faith. 
Once a prayer doodle is complete, I continue to use it for prayer. It stands as a testament to our relationship and hope in the one who has all power and glory. With voices, with song, with prayer, with letters and drawings and pictures and everything else we can express......we continue to pray and stand by our sister.

Psalm 61

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