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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Pic of the Day

Pic Island, c.1924
oil on canvas
123.3 x 153.9 cm
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Gift of Col. R.S. McLaughlin

Here is my "Pic" of the day. I have been to see the amazing collection of Lawren Harris paintings over at the AGO. Seeing these paintings up close and personal is a real thrill.

It is amazing to see the artists progression. Lawren's first pieces are smaller and are more fine art. There were many town scenes and buildings. Lawrens art then begins to "morph" and become more spiritual representative of the subject or object.

The above artwork Pic Island shows a real peace, beauty and majesty. I can feel and sense the same spirit attributes as found in Ojibwa Medicine art.

Subjects and objects can be fully explored by the imagination, when lines and colors are reduced. Its like Lawren has stripped out the fine art or photographic art, and replaced with the essence. I dont think this painting is meant to show us Pic Island, rather, it was likely painted to help us experience and feel the beauty and majesty of Pic Island. Now I wonder if Pic Island really exists.....or does it now matter?

By the way, I wont be adding this painting to my collection given that its likely worth over a million bucks! I do however have a small art print from the McMichael Conservation Collection.


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